Virginia Mason Medical Center

Be Remarkable | Rebrand, integrated campaign

The Heart Institute – Beat Poetry

Recognized as one of Seattle’s Best Hospitals for Cardiac Care. And now, beat poetry.

The Cancer Institute – Unremarkable Moments

One thing cancer survivors can agree on? It’s great to be back to normal.

This TV campaign featured real cancer survivors like Matthew, Donna and Bill. We captured them doing everyday life stuff.

Recognized by The One Show, Film Category 2016.

Buh bye, cancer

Live downtown event where we sculpted CANCER out of ice to make a point.

SAM Hammering Man Cast Signing

Put a 10-foot tall cast on the Seattle Hammering Man sculpture. Then we had people sign it, including Zach Scott from the Sounders FC.

Silver, Seattle Addy Awards 2016

Announce Your Comeback

An honor to work with 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist Sue Bird.

Looking for a Drummer

You don’t need rhythm to have a great beat.

Great docs, now in your backyard

These are real doctors cooking some waaaay overdone burgers.